iOS app crash when opening links

On multiple feeds (but randomly). Opening either the article title or a link in the article can cause the app to crash. It seems to be re-creatable by link, but isn’t feed specific. I’m using the in-app browser.

iPhone XS
iOS 14
Newsblur 10.1.1

I experience this as well and this has been happening for approx 1-2 months now. Normally, when I reload Newsblur after a crash caused by attempting to open a link I will find myself not in the feed I was just reading but in the previous feed to that which I had been reading. I will then navigate back to the previous feed and attempt to re-open the same link and then normally the link will open, though occasionally it will crash a second time. If I then reattempt the same open/navigate/re-open it will work. I cannot recall more than two crashes caused by attempting to open a link and therefore no link has ultimately refused to open.

Typically once the crash has happened and been ‘corrected’ by re-opening and a link has opened successfully, Newsblur will continue to work as expected.

I’m also loosely hypothesising that this may only occur after a period where Newsblur has been idle for an hour or two because I don’t recall seeing this in a typical reading session or soon after a recent session. It feels to me that it may only have happened after I’ve been away from Newsblur for some hours or more. Am wondering if the app goes to an idle state in this situation (don’t iOS apps go idle after 10 mins of inactivity?) and whether this could be a factor in causing the problem.

I’m configured to open links in using the in-app browser right now.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 14.4
Newsblur 10.1.1

We have a huge iOS story layout rewrite coming out soon and I’m planning to put it on TestFlight this week.

That’s great news. I used to test on testflight. Where are you going to announce the code to join up?

Looks like David isn’t going to be free to work on updates on the end of March, so I’m planning to release the TestFlight a week beforehand, say March 20th, and then release a big update sometime in the end of March. Although to be honest it’s been pretty solid, but there’s a bunch of iPad layout issues we’re still working through, so I think it may be better to wait a little while so people don’t have to live with a broken experience for a month.

Just as a small update, I changed my preference from “In app browser” to “in app Safari” and it has not been crashing lately.

Side-note: When revisiting this issue later, any chance of adding “Opera Touch” (soon renaming to simply “Opera”) to the list of alternative browsers please?