iOS and android app... need much improved email forward functionality (please).

The iPad app will not auto fill in the subject line when you forward a feed post to email. The android app does. Please update the iPad app to include this feature.

A far bigger issue is that besides the abbreviated share via email as above (with title and link only) there should be another email forward/share option that includes the title and link PLUS the body of the post.

The latest Feedler Pro on the latest release version of iOS 6.x, handles both of these perfectly, but does not work with NewsBlur, unfortunately.

Links can expire, but if I have grabbed the text/body with it, I will always have that. Have I overlooked something or at least can you recommend a third party client app that uses your api and has this functionality?

Without these features somehow I will be forced to find another solution soon as it is much more time consuming to quickly forward via email posts worth sharing or saving to gmail.

Thanks Samuel, I will look forward to your thoughts on this.

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The next version of the ios app now auto-fills the subject line. I rewrote that activities bar entirely and it’s now much, much better. I’m working on getting the entire body to also fit in the email. But it ain’t easy.


Thanks so much for your reply. I am thrilled you are making progress toward fixing this. I am glad you are trying hard to give an option to also include the post body in the forward/share too… That is the most time consuming part of doing it manually from my (user) end, so I am REALLY hopefully you do not give up and are successful. I imagine you yourself would love to have this feature, and certainly many customers would too, so it would be a big win.

Congratulations on getting the subject line to populate (in the future rev) of the iOS app, and if we are lucky, the body forward functionality might come at the same time. Please keep us posted.

Hopefully android app body forwarding won’t be far behind that.

In the meantime, I will hold off Newsblur (because I do a lot of forwarding), but very much miss using regularly because I otherwise love the product. It is so slick and resilient otherwise, I love it.

Also, ***** HUGE KUDOS ****** for fixing an even bigger problem, the 2-week unread count issue… 1 month is reasonable, and I am so glad you were able to fix that. Maybe you are able to move that out more later on, but 1 month is plenty workable and adequate for now. So THANKS!

This issues is my last big wish list item I think, and after that it will be newsblur 100% all the way for me. I will be waiting in eager anticipation.

Thanks again for listening to user feedback, considering, and fixing/changing the most important items (in your view). Much appreciated!

btw, it sounds like you even do your own app development (not contracted out)… If so, you are all the more amazingly multi-talented!

Thanks! And yes, I do most of my own development. I have a contractor for most Android development, although I went in personally and pixel perfected the UI last week.

One other thing, Samuel… The forwarded body text formatting does not need to be perfect… Feedler Pro often includes some symbols and junk at the top (due to HTML, etc that does not translate right)… What mainly matters is that the text is there, even if it includes a bit of extraneous junk. By no means let the perfect be the enemy of the good, especially in this case.

So, to recap, what you already have working in android app and future ios app: subject line and original link auto-population. All that needs to be ADDED is an option for (good enough) auto-text body population too. Then my RSS world will be near perfect.

Thanks again for caring about us and your effort! It is definitely noted and appreciated.

Wow, pretty cool, Samuel. I wish I were you, it sounds so exciting. A lot of hard work, but very rewarding, and maybe even a good living from it now. Life does not get much better than this in my view. I am happy for you, and you are quite the inspiration too!

Remember, after a certain point (75k a year or so) money ceases to buy much more real happiness. Happiness is in the journey, being productive, feeling valued and producing something useful/making the world a better place. And having a good measure of independence, freedom, and work/life flexibility. And all the skills and education you aquire further bolster your options and security. So anyway, fwiw, I guess just step back from things once in awhile and appreciate what you have done. It is pretty awesome at such a young age.

Is there a way to get the Android application to include the article title in the subject line as well?

I would like this functionality in the android app too.


Any update on having option to auto include article text when forwarding via email? I know you have long since fixed the subject line for iOS, but it would be awesome if the text could be auto included in the body as well.

And, thanks for your progress so far and your continuing consideration as well!

In here, in the android world, we would like this functionality as well! Even two years after the ios app would be nice :slight_smile:

Yes, this is now the case in the latest beta. I’m hoping to release it to the app store soon.

Buffed up the Android app to automatically set a title for sharing services that support one (like email) and also to include at least a preview of the story content when available.

Look out for it in an upcoming release.