iOS 9 content blocker support (change safari view?)

Based on some quick testing, NewsBlur does not appear to support iOS 9 content blockers (like crystal). It would be great if it could. Is that feasible?

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The app needs to be updated first to use the new in app full Safari view (whatever it is named) rather than the old custom web view as they can’t support content blockers.

If I’m not mistaken Samuel is primarily an Apple user himself so I’d be very surprised if we don’t see this in the app soon. The new in app Safari view is far superior to the custom web views it’d be quite stupid not to use it.

If I weren’t an honest person, I’d login with every possible account I could to vote this up.

SVC is now in beta:)

Yup, I’ve been testing the beta. Not perfect, due to Apple taking over the full view and not allowing any customization, so Samuel made it optional, but much nicer.

There’s a ticket to allow a side-swipe of the safari view controller so that it behaves much like the old in app browser:

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I’m working on it right now. In fact I just spent the afternoon integrating WKWebView (which has been a ticket for a little while: