iOS 8.3 crash

Not sure if you get crash logs but I am on an iPhone 6+ running iOS 8.3 and I just had news blur freeze then crash to a blue screen (wtf?!) then the phone rebooted. Anyway if you get the crash log it might be interesting to check out.

<3 news blur!


Thanks for letting me know. Rebooting the phone sounds like it might be fixed in iOS 8.3.1, since it’s probably a UIKit or low level framework bug. If I find anything that crashes the app, I’ll get it fixed, but in my usage of the app on 8.3 for the past few days, it hasn’t crashed.

On the iPad 4 using iOS 8.3, NewsBlur crashes often as soon as I return from the story back to the reader.

For what it’s worth, the app crashes *every* time I use it since upgrading to iOS 8.3.