iOS 13 beta: feed list/grid view missing (sometimes)

The view for a single feed in the iOS 13.0 beta is often not listing stories on first visit. Downgrading to the iOS 12.1.0 application avoids the problem. The Newsblur website (viewed from a separate computer) does not appear to have the same issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the app, showing the feed list.
  2. Choose some feed that has a nonzero number of entries. Visit that feed.
  3. The feed shows no stories.
  4. Go back to the feed list. It still shows a nonzero number of entries.
  5. Re-visit the same feed.
  6. The feed shows the stories.

Sometimes, re-visiting the feed does not “fix” it. It is more likely for a feed to show the stories on second visit if I wait a second or two before re-visiting the feed.

A given feed will “break” again after visiting other feeds, but not always …

Thanks for posting this, it’s super helpful! It would be incredible if you could post a screen recording video of it happening so we know what to focus on.

Of course. Where would you like the video sent? TestFlight seems to let me attach images, not videos.

Attach it here or on github: iOS: Grid view · Issue #1720 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

OK. Posted. I had hoped to avoid sharing my subscriptions publicly, but I’ll deal.

Instead of starting new thread I am just going to quickly add this bug in. Notification badges on IPhone are still busted in the beta. IOS 17.0.3