iOS 12.3.1, NewsBlur 9.0, constant crashing

The most recent update seems to crash if the app is minimized while viewing folder contents. Quitting app and restarting does not fix it, rebooting phone seems to do so. On reboot of phone, there is a warning that “river of news” is unavailable except to premium subscribers. I hit the back button and I’m at the main list of folders, successfully logged in as myself.

What’s you’re username? And is this every folder? I haven’t heard of any other reports like this so it seems to have something to do with one of your feeds.

pmasck (username same for main login)
seems to happen in all folders, but admittedly doesn’t happen consistently enough for me to pinpoint it to a specific folder

any thoughts? anyone else having this problem? It is persistent for me.

What device? Haven’t had a crash on my iPad Pro or iPhone XS in weeks.