iOS 10: Cannot tap "all sites" to go back to story list in split view

If I view a story while using “split view” in iOS, I can’t tap “All Sites” to go back to either the list of stories or feeds.

Steps to recreate:

Open Safari.
Slide your finger from the right edge to open the slide over panel.
Open NewsBlur if not already open by opening the drawer at the top of the slide over panel, and scroll to find and tap the NewsBlur icon.
Use the split view handle on the right side of the slide over panel to position the window
Open a story, either through a feed or global shared stories.
Note at the top left it says “All Sites” – I would expect this to work as a back button to take me where I was before I opened the story, but it does nothing.

Also tried forcing the app closed and retrying, but same thing happens.

iOS 10 on ipad air 2

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Thanks for reporting this! It’ll get fixed soon: