Invasion of the Tumblr Favicons

I’ve noticed that favicons for feeds that just have “/rss/” at the end of the address (e.g. or are getting pre-empted with the blue Tumblr “t” favicon. Not a huge deal, but a bit annoying nonetheless.

This only seems to be an issue when the feed address is the same as the website address, except appended with “/rss/” i.e. is fine, but if it were the favicon would be the blue Tumblr “t” favicon.

I’m on Chrome 42, but I’m seeing the same behavior in Safari and Firefox. Insta-fetching stories doesn’t clear up the icon, nor does parsing the feed or fetching from the website. 

Anybody else having this problem?


I’ve noticed that too, just this past week, and just on tumblr feeds. The feeds must have previously had the user’s display picture in a channel>image element, but I just looked at the rss feed for one of the affected sites, and that element is gone.

We should ask tumblr’s support what’s up.

Ah, good call DMack, thanks. Didn’t put 2+2 together to realize that it was a Tumblr issue and not a NewsBlur issue.