Intermittent Problem with Loading Articles from Android New York Times App

For the past few days, when I click on a New York Times article in one of my NewsBlur Android app feeds, I intermittently get an error message.  In contrast, when everything is working properly, clicking on a New York Times article in an Android NewsBlur feed brings up the full article from the New York Times app.  (My phone is a Moto G5 Plus.)

Interim Update:  It’s been only a few hours since I first posted this conversation, and I have discovered that the problem I describe seems to disappear when I turn off the virtual private network (VPN) app on my phone.  (My VPN provider is Private Internet Access.)  I’ll report back later on whether this definitely fixes the problem.

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Most likely sounds like an issue with the NYT app’s intent filter.  When you tap out of an article from the NewsBlur app, it handles it just as if you had tapped a URL from any app or browser (we are 100% agnostic to what happens thereafter).  Do let us know if you get any oddness with the NYT articles in the NewsBlur app, though.