Intermittent CPU maxing


Unfortunately don’t have a lot of details for this one.

I’ve spent the last hour or so reorganising my feeds into folders. While organising the feeds I’d often view the feed, move it to a folder, and move onto the next one (perhaps before the feed had even fully loaded?).

During this time I’ve had at least 8 unresponsive processes (latest Chrome) due to what appears to be maxed CPU.

Most of these could be stopped when the end process window finally showed (taskmgr wouldn’t load in a usable fashion), but a couple required actual reboots as the end process was insufficient (perhaps because Chrome spawns so many processes).

Just putting this as an FYI because it was quite frustrating.



It seems to be more likely if I click the down arrow for a feed while images/content is still loading in the feed viewer (for instance with media heavy feeds).

So, before I attempt to figure out what’s going on, did you know that you can move sites into folders without having to open them? You can either drag-and-drop them into the folder, or right-click on them and choose the “Move to Folder” option. It should be pretty easy.

As for the unresponsiveness – it has to do with how much media is being loaded. Google Reader gets around this by only loading a single story at a time, which means it feels a lot faster. NewsBlur loads all of the stories it can, but then you’re able to just scroll right through. I may consider an alternative implementation that more closely aligns with how Reader does, by only showing a single story at a time (for some feeds). What do you think of that idea?

Yep the drag is a very cool feature, but I had to load some feeds to remember what they were about.

I think I like it the way it is currently, and it probably wouldn’t have made a huge difference in this case (it seemed to be most common with feeds where the most recent story was a video or offsite images).

I think upon reflection this is ultimately a browser issue (using JS interactive features while content is loading causes the browser to crash with 100% CPU usage) and doesn’t really belong as a NewsBlur issue (Chrome should handle this more gracefully).


Just pushed out a fix (last night, actually) that hopefully fixes this issue. It turns out there was a Chrome-specific jQuery bug in 1.6.1 that was resolved in the latest 1.7.1 release. Let me know if everything works smoothly now.

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Thanks as always for the awesome support