Intelligence Training on the entire body

It would be excellent if I could train the intelligence based on the body of a feed as well. I know this would increase response time (but might be able to be pushed off to client-side checking), but it’s important for me as many of the feeds I’m subscribed to don’t use tags, and the titles aren’t always descriptive enough to train with.

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Unfortunately it’s too much work for the trainer to do and I don’t think it will get good enough results.

While i was hoping to use the trainer for this very thing, my current solution for this type of work is to run the feed through yahoo pipes. It certainly requires some work but its quite functional as well.

I have many feeds that begin with something liek [AFP] or [REUTERS], which would be important for me to filter out/in. Maybe a compromise would be to include not the whole body, but something like the first 200 words in the training. That shouldn’t push response time to high and would still greatly enhance the training ability.

That seems a bit awkward. The first 200 “words” of a feeds description member could be all markup.

But Newsblur has already a way to filter this out. In 99,9% of my posts, I get a headlline, tags and then at least one paragraph of content. So far, I can filter the headline and the tags. What I would really like is an ability to also filter for content in that first body paragraph. This would dramatically increase the quality of the content in my stream - I have subscribed to several high volume aggregated feeds and while newsblur does an ok job to filter this down to a manageable volume, getting into that first paragraph would allow me to trash another 10-20% without looking at it.


I just wanted to submit a similar request and found this one.
Any change this feature will be possible in the future?

Some feeds really have a minimalist headline and training (even though only the first few words) of the body would be necessary for those feeds.


I really, really want this :slight_smile: That’s why I chose Newsblur for it’s intelligence training.

Yahoo Pipes solution is not a very good solution for high volume feeds (ie: feeds with lots of updates). I honestly can’t find a reliable filter for high volume feeds.

I also wonder about Yahoo Pipes longevity. Yahoo seems to be concentrating on search and closing such marginal-value products.

I would love to see this as well!