Intelligence Trainer settings are gone

Is this a temporary setback due to the incident prior this day? Or permanent, and I have to ‘retrain’ my Account?

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My intelligence trainer settings for each feed are still there, but they aren’t being applied currently. I would guess that this is a temporary issue.

Yep, the data is still there but what happened is that in those 5 minutes or so when the data was being deleted, when NewsBlur saw a user had no training classifiers (since they were just deleted), it helpfully turned off the is_trained flag on the subscription.

Easy enough fix, you should see the unreads come in correctly automatically, although if they don’t, the next unread story will correctly count everything.

Here’s the TMI code:

skipped = []
trained = []
last_day = - datetime.timedelta(hours=12)
recents = [u['user_id'] for u in Profile.objects.filter(last_seen_on__gte=last_day).values('user_id')]

for u in recents:
    f = MClassifierFeed.objects(user_id=u)
    a = MClassifierAuthor.objects(user_id=u)
    t = MClassifierTitle.objects(user_id=u)
    g = MClassifierTag.objects(user_id=u)
    if not f.count() and not a.count() and not t.count() and not g.count(): 
    subs = f.distinct(field="feed_id") + a.distinct(field="feed_id") + t.distinct(field="feed_id") + g.distinct(field="feed_id")
    for sub in UserSubscription.objects.filter(user_id=u, feed_id__in=subs, is_trained=False):
        sub.is_trained = True
        sub.needs_unread_recalc = True
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And here and now they are back :slight_smile: – nice!

I’m still seeing posts come in without training applied on certain feeds. Anything we have to do on our end to get training working again?


What’s your username? The above code only ran on users who logged in during the past 12 hours, but it’s possible your account logged in well before that.

I’m Nrbelex.


I know I have setup Intelligence Training, but I don’t remember which sites/feeds/groups. Is there a global view that shows intelligence training so I can see what is there and verify that it is working?

@samuelclay In my case, most of the feeds disappeared from the focus view. The intelligence trainer settings seem to still be there, but not applied:

Example, focus on comics only:

Note the absence of green dot for the comic (unread view):

And I won’t send a screenshot about the empty feed in focus view, you can imagine it :slight_smile:
If you do need a username, same as the forum.

The Intelligence Trainer has gone haywire on me. I had flagged only one (recurring) news headline to be trained to highlight, and now almost every article from that feed is highlighted.

Hi Sam, any luck on this one? I’ve been holding off on restarting intelligence training so as not to conflict if things got restored, but I’ll get started if it’s looking like restoring the old training won’t work out.


I only flipped training on the users who were logged in when the database got dropped but it’s clear that this wasn’t enough. I’ll go through today and restore everybody’s training.

As a note, if you train a single item in a feed, even if its to rotate between neutral, focus, and hidden, and back to neutral again, then the rest of your training will come back in as well. It’s a single is_trained flag that got mistakenly turned off (since the database that stores training was dropped).

The script above finished and everybody logged in in the past 3 months should have their training back again.

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I didn’t realize how easy it would have been to fix myself by simply training a single item or I would not have bothered you!

In any case, I can confirm training looks good again. Thank you!

I’m glad you did let me know! For every user who says something, there’s at least 10x as many who don’t. In this case, I’m glad I ran it against all users because there were tons of missed trainings I didn’t find that are now back in action.

Yeah and the ones that say nothing just get a negative view and start thinking about switch services :stuck_out_tongue:

Training settings are back for me as well (unsurprisingly, I’m sure, given what you did, but still good to update)

My site training is still screwed up. Newsblur is still marking almost every item in multiple feeds as Focus even though I had only used Focus on one single article headline (it’s repeated weekly), and some of focused items aren’t even in the same feed.

I have no clue if the opposite end is also true, if the Hidden training is hiding more than it should.

I need my intelligence trainer settings completely wiped out so I can set it up again.

You can see your training settings by right-clicking on the feed title and opening Intelligence Trainer. That should show you all of the training on a single feed. Likely the publisher is in focus, which is why every article is showing up in focus (minus the hidden stories).

That fixed it.

I swear, I had it set to only focus a specific article headline, not the entire feed.