Intelligence Trainer priority

I subscribe to a prolific site and I’ve marked some of its authors and tags green, but another author red. However, if that red author posts in a green tag, it gets included in my Focus list (the green tag overrides the red author). I would prefer to have reds given top priority, because when I click that thumbs down, I mean it.

Perhaps a global “Give dislikes top priority” option would do the trick?


First, why is this filed under Problem? This is a personal preference and I don’t like seeing a sea of red problems on the dashboard. I think the Idea tag would’ve been appropriate. Heck, even Question would’ve been a better match than Problem,

As for greens winning out, it’s because I made a decision a while ago that allows greens to always win. The implicit assumption is that because you’re subscribed to a site, you inherently like the site. So if there’s something to focus on, whether or not the story has negative aspects, it should come to your attention. That’s why it’s built the way it is.

I picked Problem because it impedes my control over what I read, and I believe that’s a problem. Thanks for explaining your intent with it. I believe greens overriding reds undermines the Trainer, at least in how I wish to use it to filter what I want to read or ignore.

Does this mean that 2 reds would win over 1 green? Maybe you could tag the feed red so that your baseline would be to only show green items?

A single green wins out over reds, period.

Well, that makes reds 50% less useful. And greens 40%, ish. I’d expect it to work more or less like Usenet filters (yes I’m old), with the final score being the total… it’s the intuitive behaviour there.