Intelligence trainer for the bookmarklet

I currently use the intelligence trainer only to mark entire publishers (effectively, feeds) rather than individual tags as of particular interest. My “green list” is a list of feeds I intend to follow more closely than others.

At the time of deciding to add a new feed using the bookmarklet, I always know whether it needs to be “green listed” or not. But since the bookmarklet has no facility to trigger the intelligence trainer before adding a feed, I end up needing to: 1) Add the feed 2) Launch or switch to NewsBlur 3) Locate the feed on a long list of feeds 4) Run the intelligence trainer on it to “green list” it. Step 3 can be particularly painful, especially with feeds with tricky titles that don’t start with the same letter as the site / subject title, and in any case, the work / reading flow is disrupted by having to switch to NewsBlur.

It would thus be very useful for the bookmarklet to have a way to classify feeds using the intelligence trainer at the time of adding, in addition to the folder selector.


Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I’m so neck-deep in a code refactor right now that I don’t have time to implement this. If you still want it in a month, let me know and I’ll try to get to it immediately.

I’m sure I will. I know this is a busy period for you, so I’m looking at whether I can have a go at it myself. I’ll probably fail, an let you know what went wrong, and/or remind you once the refactor is done and social is launched.

It would be easy to build. The problem is that by undertaking such a massive refactor/rewrite, I can’t work on other things that touch too many systems. How I would ever do this if there were half a dozen people working on the code base, I have no idea.

The new “Your Activity” pane has amended the difficulty to some degree: I can see a recently added feed and clicking on it brings it up on the sidebar even if I’m in “Focus” mode and the feed is not “green listed”; so I can launch the intelligence trainer on it without having to search around. It still requires launching NewsBlur, but there’s no worry of losing track of recently added feeds now, so I can delay that. This is great, but having the feature on the bookmarklet would still be useful.

Take a look at my comments on this thread:….

In short, the bookmarklet will be getting a LOT of love in the next couple weeks. This may or may not make it, but I’m going to be considering how to get it in.

Great to hear that; I’ll be following the bookmarklet branch on GitHub. Please let me know if you have a spec and/or mockups for the new bookmarklet.