Intelligence Trainer doesnt remember that I've run it on all my feeds

The Intelligence Trainer (from the Manage menu) doesn’t remember that I’ve run it. Previously, I could go through all my feeds, selecting the topics I’m interested in, and when it was done if I ran the Intelligence Trainer again it would remember that I’d already applied intelligence to all my feeds. Now, if I re-run the Intelligence Trainer, I’m training feeds that I had trained already.

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It only shows feeds that have no training data on them. If you were to train the feed somehow, it would no longer show up in the trainer. I used to have it hide feeds that you hit save on but didn’t actually train anything. But I needed to use the trained bit for unread counts, so it no longer behaves that way.

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Ah, that explains it then. Many of my feeds have no training on them, and I’m used to the old behavior.

I can fix it without too much work, but I’m not sure if it would be useful. You just want to run through any new feeds you’ve added since last mass training, right?

Yes, that’s right. After I add new feed(s) I don’t always train them right away.

So just to be clear, training information is per feed? So if I set it up to ignore articles with the word “presentation” in them in one feed, it is not going to ignore them on all feeds?

That’s right. It’s not often that you want to filter from multiple feeds. And building global filters would make training way more complicated than it already is. You’d have local filter and global filters and it’d be a mess. As it is, you already have social filters and feed filters.