Intelligence trainer - cannot delete title/phrase

In one of my feeds, the intelligence trainer has a title/phrase that I set up a while ago, but I want to remove it.  I click on it, hit save, but it doesn’t get removed.

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Interesting. What’s your username, name of the feed, and the classifier you want to remove. I’ll see why it won’t remove. (It’s Friday night here, so if I were you I’d reply on Tuesday when I’m back in the office)

Username: drchuck
Feed name: DSL reports - front page

In the intelligence trainer, under Titles and Phrases, I’m trying to remove the phrase “DISH”  Right now, it is green, and even if I click in the middle to turn off the green then save it doesn’t save as remove.  I can bring up the intelligence trainer and see “DISH” in green again.

Ok, I removed the classifier. Looks like it may have been very, very old. Did you add this title classifier … like three years ago?

Yes, three years sounds about right.