Intelligence filtering seems broken since this weekend

Since this weekend (I think), I’m experiencing the following:

  • the number of green items don’t appear in the folder/feed list like they used to, but when I go to a specific feed that I know I marked it green, I see that the stories have the green dot (at first I thought that the my account’s Intelligence trainings have been botched, but this doesn’t seem to be the case)
  • clicking on the “focus” button doesn’t filter the green items like it used to
  • reading stories does not update the number of unread stories in the feed list on the left - I have to refresh the whole window
  • some feeds do come through with green - this makes me think that the problems I’m experiencing are located only on some servers where my account is located
  • I’m experiencing the same behaviour as above even on the Android app

You may connect to my account (afita) If you need to check more closely and reproduce the behaviours I described. Here are some example feeds that I marked all green and that don’t appear with green in the feed list: Slashdot, OSNews, Freecode Releases.


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There you go, you should be all set. Your unread counts should be all fixed and it shouldn’t happen again.

If this happens to anybody else, please let me know.

Thank you for the quick fix. Now everything is back to normal.