Intelligence filter selector as a toggle

As I’ve started using the trainer more and more, I’ve found myself wanting to see JUST red items so that I can see if my filters need correcting. Ditto with yellow…

Could the buttons be switched to just Red, Yellow, and Green and act as toggles rather than a cumulative all-or-nothing affair?

I suspect this might also have the added bonus of letting the Folder pane get a little bit narrower than it currently can because those button widths look fixed and having one dot per button is much more space-conscious!


This is an interesting idea that a couple people have brought up. Unfortunately, I think it complicates the UI by forcing you to play the deselect game. Way too much mental input on 3 buttons (with 2*2*2 = 8 combinations!)

So, I’ve been rolling this around in my head since your response, trying to both come up with a compelling argument, and see if it still makes sense to do this. I think I have succeeded!

In my mind, the majority of people will never be impacted by this.

Right now (current), the middle button selected shows Yellow and Green stories. With toggles (future), Yellow and Green would be selected by default. No net change for users here.

Current: Users click on right Green button to show only green; Future: Users click off Yellow button to show only green. No net change here, either.

Current: Users click on left R/Y/G button to show all; Future: users click on Red to show all. No net change.

The benefit and extra clicks come for people like me who may ONLY want to see yellow or red articles without their highly-rated friends. Frequently, I leave a Green article unread to come back to later, but that means I can’t mark all Yellows as read, because that’ll eat the one Green I’m saving for later.

Being able to fine tune what I’m looking at would indeed give me a few more combinations, but that’s exactly what I’m looking for, and those who are fine with the current setup won’t have to change what they’re doing much/at all.

But switching from one view to another will require extra clicks AND mental energy to figure out what state you’re in. The intention is that there are three states:

  1. Green
  2. Green + Yellow
  3. Green + Yellow + Red

What you’re trying to do is outside of these bounds and does not reflect what most people use intelligence for. I’d rather not complicate the UI to allow for a rotation of how intelligence works. It’s an interesting idea, but it adds needless complexity.