Instructions missing Windows environment


The instructions are for OSX and Linux, but not Windows. Is there a newer document around for installing newsBlur on Windows?

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I doubt it supports windows.

You can probably get it working, but I have to wonder why you’d want to.

What are you trying to do?

Windows, like Linux, and OSX are perfectly fine environments to run scripts :wink:

Sure, but there’s no way I’m putting in the time to support Windows. The open-source code is for contributors and for handling the bus problem (if I get hit by a bus, this way somebody can run a hosted version of NewsBlur and all is well). It is not intended to be an easy way to avoid paying for the hosted version. Beyond that, you can run your own hosted version, but I cannot provide any support.

However, if you get Windows support working, submit a pull request and you bet I’ll work with you to get it merged cleanly.

I fully understand. I am a premium user, You bet I pay /support NewsBlur.

And I understand the open source stance too … our as we like to say at work … "If I get hit by a beer truck … "

Thank you Samuel concerning the Windows Support. I have a 2012 server setting around. If I can figure that puppy out, I’ll help as much as I can …

Please note, I still pay for premium user … This is great.