Inline unsubscribe from a feed should be available in the feed view

When browsing through unread items, there’s no way to unsubscribe from the feed you’re looking at right there. Instead, you have to find it in the list of feeds which (for me) is quite long.

Inline-unsubscribe from a feed when looking at an item (at a minimum, in the feed view) would be awesome.


Check the story titles pane. The feed title is there as well. And you can click the arrow next to the feed title to delete it. Hope that helps.

Maybe I need a screenshot, because I can’t find what you’re talking about… every arrow I click has the same context menu: Open, Save, Send to Instapaper, and Intelligence Trainer

yeah, I’m lost on this too.

Here’s a screenshot: I have a feeling you are reading stories from a folder, not a single feed. If that’s the case, then I do not yet have a way for you to unsubscribe from a feed when reading the folder. I could build that in, but my priorities are all about the server right now. I’ll write it down and get to it, though. (Remember, I can only work on NewsBlur in my free-time.)

Ah. This is related to the “navigate to feed from folder” story I just inserted, then. You’re right, I read from folders.

Server, load, having a life, steady income, pfft.

Yep - I tend to read from the All Unread (or Everything) view. Naturally, if I’m reading from a single view - I could find that view in the feed list. :slight_smile:

So, when you do implement the folder-view level stuff, make sure it covers the Everything view as well.

Hi Samuel,

allow me to drag this old thread back up.

I have been missing this feature as well lately. When browsing „All stories“ on my iPhone, I would like to be able to delete a site when reading a single article. This would be perfectly placed under the little top right cogwheel IMHO.

Other than than, I just can‘t quit NewsBlur because of the training feature :slight_smile:

I agree, you should be able to do this. Coming soon.