Infinite scroll doesn't work with j/k

Thanks for the fix Sam!

This issue is happening to me as well, despite reading that a fix was implemented 5 days ago… I am a new user as of yesterday, free account for now, still evaluating, but I like what I see aside from this one issue.

I can use either IE 10 or Chrome27.0.1453.110 m, and when in All Site Stories view, with or without the story bar hidden, I only can hit n or j or down arrow through to the bottom of the currently listed stories on the bar, and nothing I do will load more stories until I click again on “All Site Stories” at which point I get the “Fetching Stories” bar.

I’m using unread, newest, feed view (though the same happens in text/story view. I’m using “Show a single story at a time” with a Left side Story Titles pane.

Bingo, the single story setting is the bug. I really need to fix that mode.

Actually I changed the setting to “Show All Stories” mode and restarted my browsers and I’m seeing the same thing. I just don’t get any auto-loads of stories while scrolling down the stories list, regardless of method… (I have a few hundred unread remaining)

Another suggestion, I’d love to be able to collapse the Sites sidebar and place the story list in that leftmost column underneath the username/stories count. I almost never go to a specific site’s feed, but read my feeds in reverse chronological order, so a way to hide the sites listing would be great (unless I am missing a hotkey, in which case I apologize!)