Individual feeds go back a week & show read items when selected.

I’m still pretty consistently seeing the application jump back a week and display read posts; I used to notice it mostly with BlurBlogs but it’s happening with my regular feed, too.

Here’s what happened when I clicked on my Laughing Squid feed today:

And here’s Design Sponge:

If I hit the “Next Unread” button to try to get back to where I left off, it generally chugs for a while and then just makes all of my tabs sad. In its defense, I am on a four year old MacBook, so my 2 gigs of ram is not amazing.

I’m not sure if my account is cursed, or if my feeds are somehow more media-rich than other people’s, but it can just be painfully slow sometimes.

If I do get the “All Site Stories” feed to load (I’ll usually do a full refresh of the site if it’s really sad), it does not do any weird time travelling:

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Do me a favor, when this next happens, email me: I’ll login to your account and try to find out why the story is unread. Also, don’t read the story.