Inconsistent position of "Mark newer stories read"

When the menu opens downwards, “Mark newer stories read” is above “Mark older stories read”, but when the menu opens upwards, “Mark newer stories read” is below “Mark older stories read” (it should be the same as for the downwards menu - above the “Mark older stories read” entry); see the attached screenshots. This causes user mistakes.

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The menu items are in the same order no matter which direction the menu opens. I’m not sure I see how this would cause mistakes.

To change it would make the menu inconsistent.

I really think that the menu item to mark the newer stories as read should be placed above the “mark older stories read” because newer stories are above older stories. I made the mistake once of fast clicking on the top entry in the menu opening downwards only to be surprised that all the stories below were actually marked as read, thus loosing my track.

Having all the menu entries simply reversed just because the menu is facing upwards as opposed to downwards does not make sense in the case of “mark stories read” group of items. The 2 items should be considered as a group and the items positions’ should be consistent throughout the UI, regardless of the position of the menu.

At the moment the menu items are the same distance from where the menu is opened regardless of the direction. I’d argue that by switching them the user needs to learn more about using the UI due to this inconsistency.

Also, newer stories are not above oldest if you read oldest first.

Also, newer stories are not above oldest if you read oldest first.

Well, then these 2 menu items should be synchronized with the settings for the order of reading.