Incapable of signing in on Firefox.

Are you aware that when you try to sign in to newsblur on Firefox you can’t stop the sign-in pop up long enough to actually sign in? It just keeps cycling between the web/ipad/android/sign in icon pop ups and when you try to click on sign in it won’t stay up longer than a few seconds-- it’s probably the most maddening thing I’ve ever encountered on the internet. Does not appear to be a problem using IE 8.

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I assume this is the same issue as…

Update firefox and you should be fine.

Weird- I literally updated my firefox earlier today…must have to restart or something to get it to follow through? thanks for the reply

Let me know if it starts working. The code has all the correct hooks in to have the rotation stop when the login pane is being displayed. And it works in every browser, including the latest FF.

Do you know if this problem has been resolved? I have the exact same problem and I have Firefox since only a few months ago…

What version of FF do you have? This is no longer an issue, so I’m thinking you might have an extension doing something funny.

Observation: Firefox 22 seems to work fine.