In the Notifications window, allow hover text when story name is truncated

Because I have a lot of Tumblr reshares in my feeds, story titles often have long preambles of usernames. Long story names are truncated in the Notifications window, so the portion shown often doesn’t help me know which shared story the notification is actually about.

It would be super-cool if there were hovertext / tooltip / etc… that showed the entire story name.  :slight_smile:

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Can you post a screenshot so I know exactly what you’re referring to?

Here you go. Newsblur is smarter than I first realized and it’s showing a longer portion of the title for Tumblr shares with long username preambles (e.g. #1) as compared to those with just one or two leading usernames (e.g. #2), but it can still truncate important parts of the title.

If Newsblur’s notifications showed the full title on hover (or just didn’t truncate), I’d be super-happy.  :slight_smile:

#1 “More people are concerned …” is “More people are concerned with why women stay…” at

#2 “don’t yell at cashiers …” is “don’t yell at cashiers if they are asking you to sign up…” at (Tumblr on custom domain)

P.S. I am of course not asking you to do anything about Tumblr’s truncation further down the string.  :slight_smile:

Ah-ha, this would be why I extended story content previews in those notifications the other day. This ticket must have been in the back of my mind. However, story titles are still capped at 6 words. I just added a title to re-share and favorites. Hope that helps!

*high five*  Awww yeah. The social side of Newsblur just got smoother. Thanks for that!