In landscape mode, after waking from sleep, Next button show grey background instead of next story

If my iPhone goes to sleep while I’m reading a story in landscape mode, the Next button shows a grey background instead of the next story. The exact steps to reproduce are:

  • Tap on a blog with some unread stories.

  • Tap on an unread story.

  • Rotate iPhone from portrait to landscape mode.

  • Press the iPhone’s Sleep button (or wait long enough for it to sleep automatically).

  • Press the iPhone’s Home button to wake it, swipe to unlock (enter passphrase if needed).

  • Tap Next.

  • Instead of seeing the next story, I just see the grey background.

I’m using NewsBlur v2.1 on an iPhone 4S running iOS v6.1.3.

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Try out the beta -

I downloaded the beta a few minutes ago. (I’d give you a version or build number, but I can’t seem to find one.) Unfortunately, I can still reproduce this bug.