Improving the "Send to Instapaper" feature

The “Send to Instapaper” feature needs to be improved. Instead of taking the user to the Instapaper page, why don’t you just send the article to Instapaper(much like the way the Instapaper “Read it Later” button for browsers work)


I’d really like to see this.

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So you would do the whole Instapaper OAuth rigamarole? That sounds fine, and I’ll get it scheduled. Right now the mobile app has priority, so it’ll be a couple months until I finally ship it.

OAuth isn’t the only way to achieve this. Since we’re already in a browser, it should be possible to do it on the client side in the same way that the regular Instapaper bookmarklet works. I’m going to take a look at this over the weekend…

So I was thinking this might be easy to do using a bookmarklet, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

However, you can put a one-click ‘Send to Instapaper’ button on any webpage using an iframe. Authentication is handled using your existing Instapaper cookies. You can see an example of this on (look for his long-form articles).

While not trivial, this looks like it should be possible to integrate with NewsBlur, and should be much less of a pain than doing it through OAuth.

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Link to the code (bottom of the page):

I think this already works, doesn’t it. Clicking on Send to Instapaper opens a new window with the “Add to instapaper” form under your account. Does it open an unauthenticated form?

(Just confirmed – if you’re logged into Instapaper, the form is on your account.)

I originally got the link to from that publishers page. Are you finding that this new window flow isn’t useful?

Ahh, I noticed Marco added the /hello2 endpoint, which is a fancier form that doesn’t let you change the title or description. I like the /edit endpoint better. What do you think?…


Also, I suppose I should email Marco about adding in NewsBlur support to the bookmarklet itself. I’ll write that up.

[Not the original poster] Although I use ReadItLater, I like one-click submission better.

My vote’s for one-click as well. I’d rather see no form at all.

So if you take a look at one of Marco’s long-form posts, there’s a ‘Read Later’ button there. Assuming you’re logged into Instapaper, that button just changes from saying ‘Read Later’ to ‘Saved’ when clicked. No popups, redirects, or anything. Just one click, and it’s saved.

Here’s an example:…

“Proper” Instapaper support would be great.
For that it needs to be one click without any forms whatsoever. If I have to do some oAuth authorization clicking, then that’s fine with me.

Maybe I you talk to Marco you can get support for NewsBlur in the bookmarklet, that would suffice, at least for me.

Emailed Marco to add native NewsBlur support to the Instapaper bookmarklet. I’ll let you know what I hear.

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I don’t know, how much of it applicable to the webapp but couldn’t you use the code from the iPhone app? Because there Instapaper works like it should.

But let’s see what Marco says first.

Any movement on this? If nothing else, it’d be great to have a keyboard shortcut to post to instapaper, similar to the “e” for emailing the article.

As for which endpoint to hit, this could even be configurable. Pick whichever you think should be the default, and the people that don’t like it change to the other one in the preferences.

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I’d also love to see one-click Instapaper support – using the same behavior as the bookmarklet seems the way to go.

The bookmarklet seems to work in NewsBlur, for what it’s worth. The currently-open story in NewsBlur gets sent to instapaper.

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Oh wow, I didn’t even think to check that. I saw that was mentioned somewhere earlier in this thread, but I didn’t see any follow-up. That’s awesome. Thanks for the heads-up.

Yeah, I noticed this about a month ago but forgot to come back to this thread to update it.

Yep, I asked Marco for Instapaper bookmarklet support a couple years ago and it works great.