Improvement of Statistics

I can see and open my feeds statistics and I can see “STORIES PER DAY” and “STORIES PER MONTH” and also “DAILY DISTRIBUTION OF STORIES” but none of these graphs are clickable. I want to suggest a feature that when I click in some of the “dots” in the “STORIES PER MONTH” graph all the feeds in this month would be shown or at least the specific number of feeds in that month should be shown. The same for “STORIES PER DAY” graph but this graph should show the specific number of the total feeds in that day of the week. And I suggest the same for the graph “DAILY DISTRIBUTION OF STORIES”, these graphs should be clicable and show the total number for that hour/month/day.

I’m listening! I think that there’s room for a more whole picture of reading habits. The issue is that I don’t store much about reading as I don’t want to keep that information. It’s not necessary to run the service and the opt-in model for this sort of thing means that there’s a limited number of users who will benefit from this.

So it’s hard to get behind the idea of tracking reading like that, but maybe I need to be convinced otherwise.

Thank you very much.