Improved Muted Sites

So after using NewsBlur since the google reader shut-down, I have accumulated 220 feeds, and I am sitting on almost 3000 unread stories. I’ve come to the point, where I need to use the muted sites feature, to mute less important feeds and get back on track.

It was easy to mute my feeds, but It took me a while to locate them again afterwards. At first I thought they had completely disappeared. I am not very fond of the way Newsblur hides muted feeds away from the user. As the feature is currently, I will easily forget about muted feeds, which is not what I want from actually muting them. I just want a small break from them, with the ability to quickly check them, if needed.

My Idea:

  • Muted feeds should still keep track of unread feeds (It might already do this)
  • Muted feeds should not show up, when having the “Unread” feeds option selected.
  • Muted feeds should show up, when having the “All” feeds option selected, but with a red badge displaying either “Muted” or “Off”.

This way, I can mute my feeds, with the ability to quickly show all my feeds, and locate which are muted. Clicking the small arrow, should of course give me the option to unmute the feed.

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That’s a good idea, showing muted feeds in All mode with a red OFF for an unread count. Anybody else like that? You can then unmute them easily by right clicking.


Here’s the feature ticket:

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