Improved Accessibility for Only Keyboard Users

Happy premium customer since 2013 here!

I just saw you were working on a refresh for NewsBlur and thought now would be the time to raise my issue.

I’m almost exclusively a keyboard user, making use of the Tridactyl addon (GitHub - tridactyl/tridactyl: A Vim-like interface for Firefox, inspired by Vimperator/Pentadactyl.) to make the all websites keyboard driven.

Below is a screenshot of the “hint” mode on the new beta site. By hitting f/F the browser extension finds all links in the page and makes them accessible with any further keystroke. In this example: hitting w would select the second article down, hk would load the article at the bottom, js would jump to the Hacker News: 50 site, jo would jump to One Foot Tsunami, etc. For daily use I generally have no problem not using a mouse at all.

The problem for me is parts of the page are implemented in a way that isn’t detected by the link hinting. Selecting folders and sites works. As do the buttons for moving up, down, Next Unread; Feed and Text views; and Full, Split, List and Grid views.

The Global Shared Stories, All Shared Stores, Infrequent Site Stories, All Site Stories buttons are not recognized. The little dropdown that shows on mouse-over for sites and stories doesn’t work without a mouse. The preference menus and their tabs are complete inaccessible.

The biggest win for me would be the most commonly used items (Infrequent Site Stories, All Site Stories) and being able to rename or force refresh a site using the existing dropdown menus. Currently I can use the default shortcuts CTRL+e for All Sites Stories, and u for mark unread, but it would be useful if you could look into making other mouse driven elements accessible too.

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