Improve Android Client!

The Android Client is in very bad shape!

  1. The Mobile Providers reduce the Bandwith after you used up you data ammount, your client is not useable after this.
  2. Remove the Adds,…im paying for this you must be joking!
  3. I would like offline support, so i start the app in the morning and the client downloads 50 stories from each feed. look at the greader pro for inspirations
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in regards to #2, what ads? The May 10 build (…) doesn’t have any ads that I’ve seen.

Half of the sreen are adds, here is a screenshot.
Check this out! Do you see the big shell add? Half of the screen!…

nope - same feed, same article: (the EVO software doesn’t allow for screenshots)

I have some issues with the Android app (hopefully addressed soon), but I have never seen an ad in it other than what may exist in the feed itself (which your Shell ad looks like).

Seems like it might be a feed ad rather than a newsblur ad.


Yeah, that’s an ad from the NYTimes. NewsBlur would never serve ads. It’s against my fundamental beliefs for how a site like NewsBlur should run. Customers pay for service and no double-dipping (i.e. making them pay more for more service).