Impossible to get full kotaku feed

Full feed for kotaku ( gives me only “Kotaku: top” feed which only shows most popular stories. I want them all. How can I accomplish that? I tried adding different links (like and all of them show me Kotaku: top.

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There we go, I switched over the feed from Top to Full. Hopefully it’ll stick. I’m thinking about making a much more detailed and helpful Feed information dialog, which shows the address and allows you to edit it.

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Yes please!

Use this feed?

Uhm. The same with, as far as I understand. I just can see 10 posts. Any suggestions?

Well, it worked back then. But recently I realized it went back to Kotaku - Top, and again it’s impossible to get full feed. Most of the articles that interest me on kotaku are not from top.

It reverts to Kotaku Top as well

I’m planning on making a much better Feed Info dialog, one that will allow you to change feed address and make it stick. Sometime this month, I hope. It’s a very high priority.

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I’m awaiting it with anticipation then :slight_smile:

See if that helped. I have a feeling it just cleared all your read stories on Kotaku, but at least it now uses the full feed. And let me know if it reverts back. I may add a feature to lock the feed address in place.

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Yes, it helped, I got full feed now. If it reverts to top again I’ll let you know.

I have simmilar problem with Any feed I try to enter reverts to (useless) Reading sankaku trough RSS is the only way to avoid awful ads on that site, and inteligence trainer is good way to avoid a lot of dirt that site produces :stuck_out_tongue:

Newsblur doesn’t seem to work well with sites having multiple feeds. Sometimes it gets right one, but even then it sometimes changes to another one without any action on my side.

I wrote code to aggressively de-dupe feeds. This seems to be causing issues, but there would literally be twice as many feeds to fetch if I didn’t. Unfortunately, this de-duping heuristic is a bit too lenient and will accidentally merge two separate feeds. It checks to see if they have the same 20 stories, but it may not be working perfectly. I’ll get this prioritized.

For now, I removed all duplicate feeds with ‘sankaku’ in the address, so you should be able to try to add it again now.

Maybe as a stop-gap I can just check for “Comments” in the feed title, since that’s a guaranteed bad merge.