importing starred items from reader re-syncs your subscriptions

i just tried to import my starred items from reader. on i used the import/export option that explicitly said “import saved stories from google reader”. this worked, and now i have those as saved items. unfortunately, in the process of doing so, it seems to have re-synced my reader subscription list, which is seriously deprecated, and i’ve lost almost all the subscriptions i care about from newsblur.

so i have 2 issues:

  1. is it possible to back up the subscription list for user “drspam” to yesterday, april 15?
  2. is it possible to import starred items from google without doing a full re-sync? it appears not.
    2a) google takeout exports json files, not OPML. will there eventually be a json import option?
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Importing starred stories from Google Reader doesn’t not import your subscriptions. However, if you imported from (and not then you imported your sites and not starred stories. I tried to make that clear during the import process that it would wipe out your sites. On it no longer wipes them out but rather metes them, but it also is the only place to import starred stories.

I’ll grab your sites and send them to you soon. What’s your email so I can send them to you?

hmmm, it was definitely clear on www.newsblur that it would override the sites, which is why i haven’t re-synced since the first time. but per your twitter suggestion, i tried it via dev.newsblur. i got 3 options:

and chose the bottom one, because it suggests it only imports the appropriate stuff, as you say. i don’t know if there’s a bug somewhere or if i made a mistake, all i know is that after the process was complete, my subscription list had largely gone away, which surprised me. i’m happy to help you repro this if that has any value, or we could just file it as “spooky”.

in any case, thanks very much for the restoration; i had only added 1 subscription since the version you sent me, which i just re-added manually.