Imagus Not Working Well in Newsblur

Recently Imagus has been working maybe 25% of the time in Newsblur. I’ve had no problems in the same browser on many other sites, including Facebook, Imgur, and another feed reader site “The Old Reader.” This problem started at the same time (maybe a week or so ago) as the HTML code problem, but doesn’t just affect Reddit posts; it includes posts from many different feeds including Voat and Imgur.

I’ve included two screenshots of how Imagus works in The Old Reader but not in Newsblur (red circle) on the same post from Reddit in the same browser.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Just  a note that this is still an issue, unresolved.

Am I mistaken in thinking that you should contact that Firefox extension author? NewsBlur should be providing everything needed for that extension to do its magic.

This is only happening within Newsblur, otherwise the addon works flawlessly, which is why I consider it a Newsblur issue.

I also want to point out that it seems this problem only happens in Newsblur with the post format in the screenshot above. When the text says “[Link]”, the hyperlink to the image most often doesn’t work. However, outside of that format, the images seem to load in Imagus just fine.

In the screenshot included here, an image from Reddit that isn’t in the “[Link]” format will expand without issue.

Another screenshot with the feed “link” hyperlink not working to show it’s not just Reddit links.

I don’t know if these will help or not, but I figure I’ll post them in case they help narrow things down.