Images duplicated at the end of a story

I commonly (several times per week) see this minor problem:

There will be a story containing many images. The images appear fine within the story.

However, at the *end* of the story, a number of the images from the story will be duplicated. 

Initially, I assumed it was a problem with the feed, but it is coming from (at least) Tumblr and blogs, where I assume they have their heads screwed on straight when it comes to RSS feeds. is an example site where the problem frequently occurs. I am happy to provide specific examples of stories if required.

Looking through the existing reported problems other people have, I see examples of duplicate images, where people have turned on “Show changes”. I don’t believe I have done that (and I can’t even find that option.) Also, they have the problem of one image appearing twice in the middle of the story, where I am getting the images appearing at the end of the story.

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The issue is that their feeds are adding those images as media enclosures. So NewsBlur helpfully appends the media enclosures to the end of the post. I’m not sure what to do, as oftentimes those media enclosures are necessary to get the complete story. But more often than not, they are just repeats of all the media. 

In other words, yes their feeds aren’t correct, but what they’re doing isn’t a huge deal. As for solutions, I’m not sure what to do about it. I still want to show media enclosures, but I decided a couple years ago to err on the side of showing you everything the feed’s got.

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Thank you for the prompt reply and explanation. I understand your dilemma. I agree it is better to include the images twice than to risk missing out key information. I don’t have a better solution. Thank you again.

Ok, I had an idea. If the image URL is found in the story, then it won’t be shown at the bottom. This should take a few days to roll out and should only work on new stories, but it may fix a few older stories.

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This sounds like a great approach; have you had time to roll it out yet?  Still seeing this duplication on, for example,

I have rolled it out but caching will often prevent it from working. In other words, the site is changing the URL on the fly and that’s messing with the enclosures. There’s little I can do about that, aside from analyzing the image itself and seeing if it’s already on the page.