Images are being cut off in feed view

In feed view (three columns), stories that contain images, tend to cut off images that are too wide.
Resizing the story column, will reveal more or less of the image, depending on how wide/narrow the column becomes.
Instead of cutting off the image, I suggest dynamically scaling it instead. This will give the reader the opportunity to always be able to see the whole image, no matter what screen size they are viewing the story on.

Story: Pokemon GO Cosplay Gallery

Also, while resizing any of the columns, I noticed that “rubberbanding” happens to the far right, quickly showing the start of the same story that I’m on. When I stop resizing, it will slide away again. It’s really weird and most likely a bug with how the animation for switching stories work.

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Can you post a full browser screenshot of what’s happening?

Here you go.

The first image is shows the story image being cut off.
The second image shows the resizing problem. It turns out, that for this to happen, the text view needs to be loaded first. So you essentially see the text view in feed view. But only when resizing the column.

Any update on this?

I’m traveling this week, so I suggest asking again next week. But from what I can tell it looks like the feed is hard coding in sizes. I would email them the screenshot and ask them to not do that. Any modern reader will auto resize to fit the device.

Also try turning. Off the dark theme or an he tensions and see if they are interfering with this.