Images appear inconsistently via Email Newsletters

Ever since Craigslist shuttered their RSS feeds, I’ve been looking for a alternative way to receive alerts. Earlier this week, I remembered that NewsBlur provides the ability to parse email newsletters as RSS feeds (just another amazing feature that’ll keep me paying for this service for many years to come! :slightly_smiling_face:).

After setting up the basic flow (CL Saved Search > Gmail > Auto-forward to Newsblur), it mostly works! The only issue I’m facing is that the thumbnail images attached to each listing are parsed in some stories but not in others. I can’t imagine why this would happen because in both the pass/fail case, the images do appear when I open the email in Gmail, and the source formatting seems pretty much identical. Any ideas for what might be causing this issue?

Example: the following email is parsed correctly (with inline images retained):

Whereas this one loses its images:

I noticed this too, and I commented on a thread back in April:

A few more details in that thread, but no confirmation / resolution unfortunately.

This looks like a separate issue from the thread linked above by @greetingsearthling.

As for the newsletter, I don’t see the image urls in the source, so it’s possible they’re not being sent. But I doubt they are being stripped out, even as a figure tag.

I’ll subscribe to a craigslist ad and see what I can come up with.

Been using these alerts for over a week now. After reviewing 100+ stories, I’ve spotted a pattern that might help to diagnose the issue. Whether the images are parsed or not seems to depend on the number of list items:

  • 1 or 2 items → images are never parsed
  • exactly 3 items → can go either way
  • 4 or more items → images always parsed