Image Problem with ZeroHedge Feed on iphone app

Images in articles from Zerohedge show up briefly, but then disappear and are replaced by a small black square( thin white outline).  This has been happening for the last few days on the iphone mobile app. Images show up correctly when accessing from

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It’s looking good to me. What browser extensions do you have installed? Try disabling them and see if it still happens.

The problem only occurs for me on the iphone Mobile App. It works fine for me on the web version (like your screenshot).  Attached is a screenshot of what i see on the mobile version.  

Hi. This is still an issue.  Just checking in on it.  Previously this feed had no issues for years.

The issue is that I can’t reproduce the bug. It looks fine to me. Any chance you’ve installed ad blockers on your phone?

Oh my mistake it was in the Text view that the issue surfaced. It looks like they are using a img srcset and the text extractor I’m using doesn’t turn relative srcset urls into absolute urls. I’m going to look into getting that fixed.

Ok, I emailed Postlight to recommend they fix the parsing issue.

Hi PL,

I run NewsBlur, an RSS news reader, and have started using the Mercury Web Parser to handle text extraction for NewsBlur users. I’m having a small issue with how relative URLs are parsed when they are part of img srcset’s. Here’s an example:

Snippet of original:

Snippet of Mercury Web Parser:


![]( “Link https//wwwzerohedgecom/sites/default/files/inline-images/gatesrobert_121117gn2_leadjpgitokeMjVL8u2img”)… width="“500"” srcset=""/sites/default/files/styles/inline_image_desktop/public/inline-images/gatesrobert_121117gn2_lead.jpg?itok=eMjVL8u2 1x"" src=""[""](\ “Link https//wwwzerohedgecom/sites/default/files/inline-images/gatesrobert_121117gn2_leadjpg”); alt=""">

You can see that the url is turned into an absolute url, as well as the src attribute’s url. But the srcset attribute is left unchanged.

Cool - thanks for following up.  Is there a way I can use the non-text view that you were using and didn’t have a problem with?  Happy to do that if I know how.


Sure, just hit the “text/story” button in the bottom left.

Nice - I can see the images that way too.  Glad you pointed that out.  Thanks

I’m having a similar problem consistently with at least two feeds.


Simply toggling between the two views seems to fix the problem?

Upon opening a story:

After pressing the “Text” button:

After pressing the “Story” button:

This seems a bit different, but might be related to the views?

Thanks for the great feed reader BTW!