I'm a premium member but don't see access to the new font & style manager

I’m a premium member but don’t see access to the new font & style manager; I’ve also lost the Full & List feature options. I’m using Chrome if that makes a difference but I don’t have either option available to me as a Premium member.


Everybody actually gets access, it’s just the four new fonts that are premium only. Make sure you’ve reloaded the page. It’s on the bottom right, next to the Full/Split/List controls. But it sounds like something’s fishy, so can you post a full browser screenshot?

Yeah; I’m missing the Full/Split/List options.
I’m on an office desktop and can’t print screen and for some reason can’t print the page. Maybe something is fishy???

Somehow I also lost the ability to load all stories in Preferences rather than just load one story at a time.

Somehow Chrome blocked the options as an Ad?
I thought maybe it was something w/ the popup blocker but that didn’t work and I just happened to look at the Adblock and when I removed the 1 Ad that was being blocked, the options returned.
Very strange, not sure how that happened unless there is a keyboard option to block something or somehow it just happened.
Looks like I have everything squared away.


Awesome, glad it you figured out it was the ad blocker. I really need to put up some warnings about using adblock on NewsBlur.

I’m having the same issue, and I’m not running AdBlock. I don’t see the Full/Split/List options, nor the option to change the premium font.

Its’s not on the start site but in individual feeds. BTW: Windows XP is out of support and a huge security risk!