Ignore stories with specific keywords

Is it possible to mark a story from a feed or set of feeds as read (or delete it) if it contains specific keyword(s)? For example I subscribe to Boston Globe homepage feed but am not interested in sports articles on the homepage so I would like to delete/ignore/mark as read any item that contains (football OR baseball OR hockey), e.g.
As I understand, the trainer cannot perform actions. Correct me if I am wrong here.

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It hides the story, which means it’s kept unread but you will never see it unless you click on “Show Hidden Stories”. It’s a better experience than marking things as read, since you just don’t see the story at all, but if you care you still get the read status.

can I set this up for keywords in the text of the feed item?
Doesn’t the trainer only take into account tags for the feed?

You can train on any text in the article’s title. Right click on the title, select Intel Trainer, highlight some text under Story Title, then click the downward thumb on the right side of the oval below it.

Hi cb,

My solution for doing exactly what you are asking for is to run the feed through Yahoo Pipes. Now Pipes isn’t for the faint of heart or the general user, its best suited for someone who has the patients to do data manipulation but its, thus far, the best RSS filtering tool I’ve found. I can create filters on any aspect of a particular RSS item. That said, because of the ease of the trainer system Samuel has built, that is always my #1 choice for filtering tag and title elements.


I am aware of Y!Pipes but my simpler solution right now is to read those feeds in FeedBin which specifically allows keyword based actions. I was hoping NewsBlur would get that feature so that I can finally drop FeedBin.

I didn’t know FeedBin could do all that. I’m going to have to go see how their implementation works. I’m always afraid Yahoo is just going to up and kill Pipes any day.

So much for that. Unless I’m missing it, it doesn’t look like you can create a feed of the filtered result. I wanted to just use them as a filter service. Ahh well. Pipes it is.