Identifying broken feeds more quickly

I’ve noticed that when a feed stops updating, it can be over a month before Newsblur will display an exclamation point showing that the feed has gone bad. For example, yesterday, one of my feeds showed the error indicator, and when I checked it, NewsBlur reported that it hadn’t had a successful fetch since October.

I follow a lot of blogs on Tumblr using NewsBlur, and this happens semi-frequently because blogs can change their URLs (and thus, RSS URLs) at will. It’s usually much easier to find the new URLs if I notice the changes sooner. Is there a way to set NewsBlur to display the “broken feed” warning sooner, or easily identify which feeds have encountered recent errors?

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I’ve gone both ways on this. I used to show you immediately, but then continue fetching and hoping that the blog will fix itself. It often does. I switched to a mode where it has to fail 10 times in a row before I let you know. It’s possible that this broke. Can you reply with the site url when you open the feed? That way I can check it’s statistics and figure out why it took so long to switch to broken.

Here’s the relevant code:….

The way it works is that it checks if there have been any successes, and if not, then it switches to error. I can change that logic to instead look for a certain number of errors in a row.