Idees to improve the app.

When the Google reader Storm will just be a joke you’ll make at diner, here is what I would love to see on Newsblur.

-an option to automaticaly post what I share on facebook/twitter/linkedin.
-an option to turn off blurblog as it appears on google search, but still be able to use the share option in app
-view my twitter and facebook feeds. (newsblur is a feed reader…why not a social one) and also the option to post/respond (i’m lazy and like to do everything in one app
-proposition of “you may also like” based on what people like when they’ve added a feed I also have.
-improvement on the “save” function so I can add tags, and retreive them by tag.

-Most important one: keep going, your app is awesome :slight_smile:

Cheers, and good luck for the storm to come. (yes because 1st of july is coming :D)

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