Idea: User Notification if an RSS feed becomes corrupted/dead by publisher

A small improvement to Newsblur would be to inform the subscriber if a feed they subscribe to becomes “dead” at some point after it was added. I usually don’t notice when this happens, as my feeds only show “Unread”. When a feed “dies” due to some publisher web error, it will usually have an exclamation point next to it…but that only reveals itself if feeds are set to “All”.

Notification could be done via email…one idea would be to limit such an email to a weekly or monthly report to a Newsblur paid subscriber. The email report on just the “dead” feeds the user subscribed to could include instructions that the Newsblur subscriber should contact the website in question to inform them their RSS feed is no longer working.


Screenshot 2024-04-05 100547

It would be nice if the Android version could include a “!” such as this (which does show in the web-based version).

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If this idea is taken up, it would be good to have some form of more detailed error sent in the summary email about the “dead” feed to provide to the website publisher, so they can fix their errant feed with some technical details on what Newsblur is “seeing” on its end…