Idea: New usage of all / unread / focus / read buttons versus filter options

For all my feeds, I use the filter options unread/newest

In “Unread” mode (toggle button on left column in web version or at the bottom of the screen in iOS version), if I inadvertenly mark one or several stories as read, I can’t see them anymore

If I switch to All mode, I can’t see them any way because the filter options are defined on a feed per feed basis

I would have found more useful if :

  • All mode force all feed to All stories
  • Unread mode force all feed to Unread only
  • Focus mode use either Training data or filter options if no training data are available

Whatever, never found a better tool than Newsblur so far, thanks!

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Once you’ve “read” a story in your feed it is placed in the “Read Stories” dynamic feed. I believe Sam implemented this to solve something similar to your problem.

Hi Thomas,

I may be wrong but if I mark a story as read without opening it, it will not be shown in the Read Stories tab, so…

Ahh yes, this is an interesting debate. I thought about both options and decided to go with the current system as it gives you more control. It should be easy enough to switch back and forth between the two, but my suggestions is to use “All Stories” for feeds and “Unread only” for folders. That way you can drill into feeds to get to stories you missed, but you can ignore read stories when reading by river.

Or just do what I do and have everything set to All Stories, since most of the time only unreads will be visible.

Neither of these options uses the intelligence control (what I call that all/unread/focus segmented control at the bottom of the feed list on both web and mobile). I think it’s too confusing to have what looks like a feed list control also affect the story list. So I split them up, which gives you more control. 

Many thanks for your prompt and detailed answer, Samuel!

I will give a try to your suggestin (all stories for all site stories and unread for folders)