Idea for a new feature: warn mobile users when a story contains large media objects, such as animated gifs

When I’m on mobile, my connection is metered. Every once in a while I open a story in the Newsblur app and it contains huge media objects, such as numerous multi-megabyte animated GIFs, Newsblur will download these huge files. On LTE, this happens so fast that you can’t really stop it before the damage is done. It would be great if the Newsblur app could warn you before opening such a story. Ideally, this would apply both to the story and the text view.

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I feel this pain all the time.  At least on the Android app, it is possible to pre-fetch big images/gifs while on a non-metered network so they don’t get fetched while reading, but if you make it to new enough stories, you can still get in trouble.  I’ve debated the feasibility of an option for “don’t download new images while on a metered network”, but it could potentially be a bit laggy in finally displaying said images once you switch back to unmetered, which could cause confusion.

Would love to hear if more folks run into this.  I cringe at my mobile data bill every month.