Idea: Email notifications for specific feeds/folders

I currently use IFTTT in order to get notifications for a particular feed sent to my inbox. I was wondering if you could simply bake this feature into NewsBlur so that the wider community can use it versus having to hack together a solution. Also, since you have a pretty awesome RSS parsing engine, you can send out an email with the blog post perfectly formatted so as to not even need to go to the NewsBlur website (no offense, it’s just convenient having everything in that email then and there).


Yep this is almost ready to ship. I’ve been beta testing it and it’s awesome. We’re just waiting on android support to be fully naked.

Great @samuelclay ! :heart_eyes:

Being able to define periodicity for notifications for a particular feed/folder would be interesting as well.
For example : instant ; every day ; every week ; every month etc.