I'd like to share a direct link to the original article instead of a redirecting link

(I’m not sure if this issue depends on NewsBlur or on the feeds itself. I think it’s a minor issue anyway)

When sharing (via email or Twitter) an item, the URL being shared is usually a direct link to the the destination article.

Sometimes, however, the URL being shared is just a redirection.

I’d prefer to share the original article URLs.
Some reasons:

  • they’re easier to read
  • they may be (or be perceived as) safer to open
  • they’re faster
  • they’re more elegant

Compare the following URLs - the former redirects to the latter:
redirects to

And here’s a couple of feeds whose items are redirections instead of direct links:

So, would it be possible to forcibly include the original article URL instead of the redirecting one?

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