I'd like to go to a feed's website.

Newsblur stores for each feed both a feed URL and a website URL. I would like the ability to easily go to the website URL for a specified feed.

I have hundreds of feeds, some of which are for abandoned blogs, completed web comics, and other sources which are not going to ever update again, even if it still responds to RSS requests.

Sometimes the best way of finding out if a feed is dormant or dead is to simply go to the site and look. Right now, that involves pulling up the settings for the feed, copying the website URL, going to a new tab/window, and pasting it into the URL bar. It would be much easier if there were an item in the feed popup menu of “go to website”, or even a link on the settings panel, that I could click.

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Double-click the feed. Double-clicking a story title will open the the story in Story view. Command+clicking opens it in a new window (as does the ‘o’ keyboard shortcut).

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Thanks. Double-clicking the feed does exactly what I want. Where is this documented?