I would have canceled autorenew if I'd even remembered I had joined this site.

I haven’t used this site in months and didn’t realize it was about to auto-renew. No emails saying, “hey, you’re going to auto renew in x days” or anything. Is it possible to get this canceled and charges reversed?


Of course, just email me your username: samuel@newsblur.com

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and how quickly you helped me get this resolved.

It would be nice if ~2 weeks before renewal an email was sent out with the date of renewal and the cost. I use Newsblur and am happy to pay, but I would rather not have it be a surprise.

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Urgh, same here… NewsBlur was nice, but I ultimately settled on Tiny Tiny RSS… this charge caught me totally by surprise… I was sure I was not going to be charged.