I loved the new "Saved Stories" tagging

It is just brilliant. Very well executed. Congratulations!

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It is nice, but, as always, it leads to more requirements …

  1. Nested tags or some other form of organization. My list quickly ran off the bottom of my left navigation pane.
  2. Show/hide for the tags (similar to unread/all for the All Site Stories list). Only show me the tags when I am (in some sense) “in” Saved Stories.

I also found a bug which I will log separately. The quick description is that an item was tagged “film” and I already had a tag “Film” in use. The system would NOT allow me to change the tag on the first item from “film” to “Film” I tried all the ways I could think of. In fact the first “film” item is now stuck and will not unsave, either.
Also, it will not accept a second tag “Film” to go along with the existing one “film”. Tags should either be case sensitive or not. Mixing is just wrong.

That’s fast work. :wink: I see that there is a little +/- icon on the end of the Saved Stories line that shows/hides the tags. Nice job.

I love it too !! A feature request : I wish I could delete a tag with a right click like we do for feeds. The tag suggestion feature is awesome !

In good time. I’ll be adding rename and delete soon. I’m open to more ideas. I launched the feature before I built the perfect implementation since this is good enough right now and I want to figure out what feature specifically to prioritize.

I like this feature a lot, and I’ve adjusted my IFTTT recipes to use my Saved Stories RSS feed rather than that of my blurblog.

However, I have enountered a problem: items saved using the Android app are not showing up in the RSS feed, even though they are appearing in the Saved Stories view in Newsblur on the web. Obviously since they’re missing in the feed, IFTTT never sees them.

I understand that we don’t have a tagging interface yet on Android, but this seems like something to be fixed on the server end.

Also, could items saved from Android at least get the folder tag applied as they do on the web? Currently they aren’t tagged at all.

Please add on the wish list the possibility to do the same tagging selection in the Android version of newsblur.

Please consider a switch to NOT default the tag to the name of the folder.
I am finding that most of my tags are not the same as the folder and have to explicitly delete your suggestion and choose my own (unless I am doing it wrong).

I am finding that the tags I am using are nearly orthogonal to the folder names. Now, maybe that means the folder names were badly chosen, but I prefer to think that I am using different criteria for the tags … “what word will I use to find this particular feed item again” vs. “what kind of feed is this in general”.

The feature is great, by the way. I just want to give you some food for thought on improving it.

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It would still be easier for me to just sort by feed.

And while I am thinking about tags, I should mention that it is obvious that you keep a nice little database of my tags because you show me counts and can populate your dropdown list. It also strikes me that you can now correlate my mnemonic tags for certain feed items with the folder names and the feeds themselves and … lo! … you have a very complete list of “things that I am interested in” or “are important to me”. At this point I have 5100+ saved items. If they all were tagged, you would have a VERY nice profile of me. (Should I be using NSA keywords for my tags? Probably not.)

What I am suggesting is that you might wish to re-emphasize your commitment to the privacy of each user’s data, given the profiling potential of this new feature. Thanks.

Ken, what exactly would you be looking for in a privacy statement? The only statement I’ve made is that I have no plans to sell your data (the no double-dipping clause). But I do have amorphous plans to aggregate data and form better recommendations someday down the line. In fact, if you check Statistics for any feed, you will already see aggregated training data.

The re-iteration you just gave is a good start. These days, you can’t reassure folks enough.

I do have to say, though, that “I have no plans to …” is not quite the same thing as “I promise that I will never …” and even less than “Even if they put an NSL gun to my head, I will still never …”

“Plans” can change, particularly when enough money is involved.

In the current environment, you can see how some of us might be a tad paranoid, a little cynical, or even slightly jaded. Thanks for a great product and your continuing interest in getting it right.